Professional Art

breast cancer action

Chelsey Gomez was the featured artist for the organization "Breast Cancer Action" and their annual art auction. This was one of two designs which were auctioned off to raise money for BCA.

Leukemia and lymphoma society

This image was created for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's national social media channels.

united ostomy associations of america

This logo was created for UOAA. This was the featured design for their annual 5k race t-shirts.

united ostomy associations of america

This was a second logo created for UOAA for their general promotional materials. 

gryt health 

This sticker was designed for GRYT Health's Global Virtual Cancer Conference 2022.

Snarky nurses

Ohyouresotough has a line of badge reels with Snarky Nurses, this is one design example.

logo design

This is a logo design for a research study commissioned by a large university hospital.

bright spot network

This is a logo design for the nonprofit organization Bright Spot Network.


This Is a commissioned coloring book page for the organization Concierge4Hope.

Cancer recovery through rowing

This is a commissioned greeting card design for the CReW organization. 

end of treatment poster

This is an example of a commissioned end of treatment poster. 

curetoday magazine

Chelsey Gomez is a featured blog writer for CureToday Magazine - each article features a piece of her art. This is one example that was published In their print magazine.

Bright spot network

An example of the more than 10 coloring pages I designed for Bright Spot Network. These are offered as free downloads on their website.

Sticker designed for the nonprofit "WeGotThis.Org" as a social media promotion

A cure in sight

Social media graphic commission to help illustrate the challenges of living with Ocular Melanoma.

Side one of the marketing collateral card I designed for the nonprofit "WeGotThis.Org".

Side two of the marketing collateral card I designed for the nonprofit "WeGotThis.Org".

Half page ad design for the nonprofit "WeGotThis.Org" for Elephants & Tea Magazine.

Gilda's Club

Half page ad designed for Gilda's Club to promote Tough Friends Art Club in Elephants & Tea Magazine.

Chat-S Research study

A comprehensive redesign was undertaken for a research study in collaboration with Huntsman Cancer Institute/ University of Utah, involving the revamping of four booklets. The provided image is just a glimpse of a section within one of these booklets.