Artist Bio

My name is Chelsey Gomez and I am the artist known as "Ohyouresotough". I am a two time survivor of Hodgkin's Lymphoma. I own a non traditional cancer brand of the same name, "Ohyouresotough" which emphasizes humor as a way to cope with cancer and chronic illness. I have cultivated a large community on Instagram primarily composed of cancer patients, caregivers, nonprofits, and more. I use my art to advocate on behalf of the AYA (adolescent and young adult) cancer community and the cancer community as a whole. I co-created and lead a virtual art club (Tough Friends Art Club) for AYA patients in conjunction with the nonprofit Gilda's Club. I have also self published several children's books and adult coloring books which focus on various aspects of cancer. Three of my children's books are offered free through the nonprofit Bright Spot Network and I am also on their Parent Advisory Board. I am a blog contributor for Cure Today where I write articles that feature a realistic and honest view of cancer. I am a recurring columnist for the AYA patient focused magazine published through the non profit Elephants and Tea. 

Artist statement

I use bright, fun, and humorous imagery to educate others on a variety of difficult topics. I present information in a witty, yet relatable way. I have been told that my art gives people a sense of belonging and helps them to feel seen. I am proud of how my art has shed a new light on what cancer truly is. I hope to continue to use my art to advocate for change and to make people smile.